Faster. Higher. Stronger
  • So I did an Abnigation Test online and my strongest one was Dauntless apparently…

    (Source: -tobias-eaton, via the-divergentseries)

  • divergentmovie:

    Where do your friends belong?

    I’ll do that separately… so that no one knows

  • divergentmovie:

    “If I created my own #Dauntless tattoo it would say “Be Brave.” in -esque handwriting.” —

  • Yo Mama Jokes used in life… (eh sorry kids)

    • Yo Mama so fat…
    • she gave birth to you
    • she was born on the 4th, 5th and 6th of July
    • she wore a yellow coat and the people yelled taxi
    • she sat at the beach and the whales sang we are family
    • she sat on the Bible and Jesus yelled let my people go
    • the last time she saw 90210 was on a weighing scale
    • she broke the staircase to heaven
    • she sat on both sides of the family
    • she doesn’t eat with a fork, she ate with a forklift
    • Yo Mama so Ugly:
    • she went into the haunted house and came back with a job application
    • she had her birth certificate with an apology letter attached to it
    • she made blind children cry